Listen to some practice sentences for the ‘TH’ sound, and follow along reading the sentences below. Then try to repeat the sentences yourself, using the same pronunciation, prosody, and syllable stress.

Thank you for that over there. The vase fell off the table. The vase fell off of the table. That is the vase that fell off the table. Valerie thinks Fran is her friend. Valerie thinks Fran is her very best friend. I can’t find the math book. Thank you for finding the math book for me. I haven’t found my math book for the class on Thursday. Theo and Frank have the math book in their van. If you find the math book in the van, I will laugh. Frank is very busy, so Theo will go with Valerie to find the math book. The earth has very, very big forests. Beth traveled to a very, very big forest to look for fossils. Beth found ferns in the forest near the volcano. Beth lost her toothbrush in the forest near the volcano. Although Frank loved animals, he thought he could never have a frog.