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Do others struggle to understand your speech?  Is it interfering with your work life or your social life? Let us help you communicate in a confident and professional manner.  I can provide accent modification coaching online via Zoom.  Or, if you live in Northern Utah, you may choose to have your session in-person at our Pleasant View office. *




Do people have a hard time understanding you?  Is English your second or third language?  You can learn to speak with a Standard American English (SAE) accent to be better understood in certain situations.  This can be very beneficial when working in the United States or providing customer service to those in the U.S.


Do people say that you talk too fast or mumble?  Do they ask you to speak up?  Learn how to speak clearly and confidently with others to make yourself understood.


Were you raised in an area where non-standard phrases were used commonly?  Is it difficult to switch to standard professional language in work situations?  Brush up on your syntax and grammar skills to put your best foot forward!

You CAN do it!

 Learn specific methods to produce sounds and vowels according to Standard American English (SAE), and learn to speak more intelligibly to others.  You can keep your first language / native dialect and yet become fluent with the SAE dialect.  Speaking clearly and being understood well is a benefit in the job market and in personal relationships.  Don’t let miscommunications occur.  You CAN improve your speech and language! 

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What Is Accent Modification?

Those who speak English as a second or third language may pronounce certain vowels and consonants in a way that is different than native U.S. speakers may be used to.  Syllable stress and sentence phrasing may be different also.  This is not necessarily good or bad; however, it can sometimes present challenges with communication.  Accent modification by a qualified instructor can teach you the techniques for producing sounds, words and sentences in a way that is easily recognizable to others in the US.  The person’s accent when speaking English can change to more closely resemble Standard American English (SAE).   My background as a speech-language pathologist gives me the knowledge and experience to recognize differences in pronunciation and speech patterns and teach you methods of production that will increase your intelligibility and communication success with American listeners.

Who Is Accent Modification For?


Accent modification is for anybody who wants to change the way they talk and communicate.  Whatever the reason for a change, I can help you speak clearly and use sounds and intonation appropriate to your business setting so that you can present yourself to the world with confidence.  Being understood by co-workers, clients and patients can dramatically improve your success on the job.  Read how accent reduction can improve communication in health care here.  Adults CAN change speech and language habits, even if those behaviors have been ingrained for years.  The biggest factors leading to success are motivation and practice.  If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you can make a change!

What is the Process Like?

During your initial consultation we will discuss what you want to accomplish with speech/language therapy or accent reduction.  We will choose areas to focus on and goals to work toward.  In subsequent sessions we will map out an action plan and uncover obstacles to progress.  Together we will determine a realistic timeline and lay the path for you to follow to reach your goals.

1. Introduction - Coach-Client

I provide a complimentary initial consultation so that we can get to know each other and see if we have a good coach-client match.  You can explain what you are looking for and what you want to accomplish.

2. Set up a Session Schedule

You can determine how often you would like to meet with me and the length of each session.

3. Identify Goals and Action Steps

When you have determined exactly what your end goal is, next we map out the steps it will take to reach it.

4. Learn & Practice!

Learn new skills and practice every day to meet your goal!

Don’t Wait Any Longer.  Start Speaking in Standard American English Today!

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Carol Edgel, M.Ed. CCC-SLP, CLC

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  • Certified member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
  • 12+ years in the public schools and  private practice
  • Co-taught Disorders of Articulation – USU

B.S., M.Ed. Communication Disorders

B.S. Sociology

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Speech-language pathologist Carol Edgel, M.Ed., CCC-SLP
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